Knowledge that adds value

It’s true that we have specialist knowledge in all matters concerning real estate development, such as real estate law, investment, analysis, valuation, consultation and development. But it’s only when such knowledge is turned into intelligent solutions that it becomes interesting for you as a client.

Intelligence is generated when comprehensive knowledge meets equally comprehensive commitment and enthusiasm. The result is a real estate consultancy that is not content with just solving the task, but that keeps striving to provide you with solutions which create value in the long run, too.

We are one of Sweden’s biggest real estate consultancies and successfully serve both public and private clients. We are represented in 18 locations across the country because we know that the best solutions are created in close proximity to the client. Our 180 employees are more committed as well as more knowledgeable than most.

That’s why you can be sure that what they do for you is never just good enough. It’s astoundingly good.

Swedish Property Market

Swedish Property Market is targeted at those of you who are active in the property sector, and who have business considerations as your primary driving force. The report provides an instantaneous picture of the Swedish property market in a broad sense. Here, you will find facts on rental levels, yields, assessed values, etc., not only in major urban areas, but also for Sweden’s principal regional markets. It is probably the broadest compilation that is openly presented. However, what is probably more important is that we have chosen to link our factual descriptions to trends and opportunities, and to present the principal players in each specific market. In this way, we aim to contribute to the generation of new forms of business. With a presence in 18 regions, we have unique knowledge of and a broad network in, the property market. We are now placing this at your disposal.

Mikael Lundström, CEO

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